Connected Mind - Frequently Asked Questions

Can you show me how to create a map?
Why doesn't Connected Mind do automatic layout of maps?
There are two main reasons:
  1. Maps that are laid our automatically end up looking very similar to one another. The focus of Connected Mind is on making maps easier to memorise and having unique layouts helps enormously
  2. When you draw maps by hand you can add a lot more content than it is possible to add to a single map in most applications. This is because with most applications, you cannot control the use of space as all branches have to join to the end of the parent branch.
Why use Connected Mind rather than any other mind-mapping application?
What shortcut keys are provided?
IAdd an image as a child of the selected item
SHIFT-IAdd an image as a sibling of the selected item
SAdd a shape as a child of the selected item
SHIFT-SAdd a shape as a sibling of the selected item
EEdit the selected item
UMove up one level - i.e. select the parent of the selected item
RSelect the root item

The lowercase equivalents are also accepted.

How do I print my mind maps?
Use Google Screen Capture to capture your map as an image and then print it.
Are there any restrictions on how many maps I may create?
No, you can create unlimited maps.
Where are local maps stored?
Local maps are stored in a database provided by your browser. WARNING: You may lose your locally-stored maps if you clear your browser data. We strongly recommend saving anything of importance in the free cloud storage provided.
Are there any restrictions on how many maps I may save in the cloud?
There is no limit to the number of maps you can save, so long as you stay within the total free storage limit allocated to each user of 1 Gigabyte. That's enough for hundreds of maps.
How long will the maps I save in the cloud be stored for?
Maps will be retained for a minimum of three years from the date they were last accessed. If you create a map but do not access it for more than three years, it may be deleted.
How do I delete a map?
Click on the central (root) item of the map you wish to delete and then click the delete button on the toolbar.
How do I rename a map?
When you change the text or caption on the central (root) item of the map you will be asked whether you also wish to rename the map. If you answer Yes and the map is stored in the cloud, both your local version and the one in the cloud will be renamed.
Will it always be free to use?
Yes, the current version will remain free to use.
Can I import maps created in another mind-mapping tool?
Yes, you can import maps in FreeMind format. Click the open button and at the bottom of the Open Map dialog is a button allowing you to find the map to import.

The content of the map will be imported but it will not lay out automatically. Right-click and select "Draw Hidden Children". Select a child and draw as a branch in the normal way. Repeat this process until the whole map has been layed out

There are some limitations to be aware of:

Can I give other users access to my maps?
Not at the moment. This facility is in development.
How do I report a problem?
If you see and error message displayed, it will have been logged. The logs are checked frequently and most issues are resolved within a few days. If problems persist, please email support(at) As this is a free app, we cannot guarantee a response but we will try to resolve issues whenever possible.
How do I request a new feature?
Please email features(at)